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  • Balloon Shades  & Valances

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    The Balloon Shade with Gathered Top
    Balloon Shades are a dramatic choice that makes any window a focal point. Balloon Window Shades cascade into billowing poufs along the bottom edge. Narrow Balloon Fabric Shades will have one pouf, wider window shades will have more. These Balloon Custom Shades are available in custom widths . The Pleat sizes are usually 12" to 15"
    but can be made to custom sizes.
    Balloon shades can be lined, with light filtering lining,
    or a Insulated blackout lining to save energy and keep out
    light and cold and keep home cool in the summer.

    Smocked Balloon Valance
    Shirred Balloon Valance A Balloon, Cloud or Pouf valance
    Is an ideal top treatment for any size windows when used
    alone or teamed up with cafe curtains or blinds and is best
    fitted outside the window recess.
    Balloon shades or balloon valance can also be made from
    sheer or semi sheer fabrics, for a light and airy look.
    Shirred Balloon Valance Sheer Shirred Balloon Valance

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