Upholstered Cornice Boards

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Upholstered Cornice Boards

provide a stylish finish to windows, along with
uniformity to windows of varying heights.  You
may select from a vast array of fabrics.   The
combination of the fabric choice and quality
construction will look beautiful for generations
to come.
There are different styles available
sure to suit your tastes, with the resulting look
being a window that is clean-lined, graceful,
and has incredible visual appeal.

Arched CorniceTapered CorniceTapered CorniceShirred Cornice

Upholstered Cornices
Scallop 1
Scallop 2
Scallop 3

Choose any  fabric from our collection , and we could insert it
 into one of the scallop diagrams
on the left.
Just email  the fabric number you
like, and the scallop number .

Straight Cornice