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    With 40 years of experience in the healthcare and commercial industries, Shop At Home Decorators has focused its priorities on quality customer service . Every project starts with a design consultation with a qualified Designer that gives each client individual attention to tailor each job to the clients needs. If installation is required, a expirienced installation crew will install the project .
    Shop At Home Decorators offers numerous types of

    cubicle curtains. The Photos exhibited on this page are

    the most popular types of privacy curtains. Cubicle

    curtains can be offered with or without ½" 100% nylon mesh.

    All curtains are sewn with a standard 20" mesh, in color Snow,

    unless otherwise requested. All curtains have the top hem

    fabricated with ½" grommets color: Brass, unless otherwise


    Privacy Curtains
    Cubilcle Privacy Curtains 
    cubicle track is designed for use in hospitals,

    nursing homes, doctors' offices, laboratories,

    surgical centers, mental health facilities, acute

    hospitals and other types of facilities that use

    hospital-style privacy curtains or draperies. This

    extruded aluminum cubicle curtain track has a

    clear anodized finish and can be custom bent to

    or supplied in straight lengths to meet your particular


    Standard bends are 90-degree or
    45-degree. Custom bends are available on

    request. Specially designed nylon carriers with

    swivel eye-hooks are designed to roll freely inside

    the track channel.For situations involving ceiling obstructions

    such as light fixtures and vents or sloped ceilings, we have

    3/4" square suspension tubing and component parts which

    allow the track to be installed below the ceiling at a fixed

    level height
    Hospitality Curtains nyc
    Privacy Cubicle Curtain Tracks Cubicle  Curtains

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