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Welcome To Shop At Home Decorators

Shop At Home Decorators
is specialized in custom
drapery, curtains, and
valances well known for
high quality craftsmanship
and long lasting durability.
Our products are proudly
Hand Made In America and
we provide a  warranty
on all work.

Our custom Pinch Pleated Draperies & Curtains are 
tailored to the length and
width you need so that they
fit your rods perfectly. 
Choose from
standard lining, no lining,
thermal lining, blackout lining
or interlining

Pinch pleat drapes can easily
traverse larger windows. Wide
selection of colors and fabrics.
 2 1/2 to 1 fullness ratio for
enhanced body and fullness.
Laminated weights on the
corners to ensure even
 pleating. Drapery is available
in center or one-way draw.
Three fold pinch pleat,
bar-tacked at the base
and top.
Drapes have a special pinch
pleated heading treatment,
and do not have a traditional
rod pocket to insert the curtain
rod into. Pinch pleated drapes
and drapery panels can easily
be hung using either drapery
hooks with traverse rods
or drapery rings with clips
with decorative dowell
type rods.

The classic drapery heading.
This timeless, crisp look offers both style and function.
This pleat, along with our
tailored pleat, are the
ones we recommend most
for areas that will be opened
and closed frequently.
When it comes to window coverings, a person has the following options: curtains,
blinds, shades or drapes.
Curtains tend to be the
most expensive of these
options, though they are
highly prized among interior designers since they offer
quite a variety in terms of
style and color. Blinds and
shades are less expensive,
and can even look nice with
a particular décor.
Close the curtains on high
 heating and cooling costs!
These thermal-backed, pinch-pleated drapes with
coordinating sheers boast
stylish comfort and save
you money, too! What’s
their secret? They can be
lined with an energy
efficient insulated lining 
that will insulate your
home’s interior from
whatever the weather
is outside.
In the winter months they
block chilly drafts and help
to retain heat. In the summer
they block out harsh sunlight
and extreme heat, saving you money on cooling costs while protecting your furniture and carpets from fading

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