Flat Roman Shades

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Flat Roman Shades  Flat Roman Shades
Beautiful Roman Shades
are a great choice  if you are looking
for a window treatment that is both stylish and energy
efficient.  Most roman shades are made of elegant drapery
fabric and lining or they may also be fabricated with natural
 woven woods. The choice of fabric or woven wood will
affect the finished appearance of the roman shade.  
The shades have a tailored appearance that enhances
many interior styles and decor.   There are many different
styles of roman shades,__such as flat, folded , tab top,
slouched or hobbled .

Flat Roman Shades
Roman shades are versatile.  They can be used alone
or added to draperies, curtains, valances or cornices. 
Quite often roman shades are used alone.  If you do not
want full draperies  and are tired of mini blinds and roller
shades, roman shades just may be the answer to your
window treatment dilemma.  Roman Shades are very
popular today and one of the hottest window treatments in
the market today.
Tailored Roman Shades
Tailored Roman Shades With Ribbs Wide Width Flat Roman Shade

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