Roman Shades, Soft Pleated & Roman Valances

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Soft Pleated Roman Soft Pleated Roman Shades
Are a pre-folded roman shade with each fold cascading
over the top of the next. The elegant fullness of the
overlapping folds creates a designer look to any window.
Crafted to create a rich, opulent atmosphere, Roman Shades
scatter light through cascades of graceful material. Choose
from stunning patterns and sumptuous textures that accent
your d├ęcor. Our Design Consultants know how to use the
beauty of your windows to inspire feelings of rest,
drama or excitement
Roman Shades
Are beautifully hobbled to give you a "tear drop" look on your
windows. Light filtering Roman shades allow a soft ambient
light to enter your home and still give you total privacy.
Roman shades are also available, with blackout lining
to give you complete room darkening.
On outside mount, we can make upholstered channels
for returns, to keep out light from coming in on the sides
Roman Shades are also available in Sheerweave
fabrics  as well as in Woven wood
Pleated Roman Shade
Pleated Roman Valance Arched Roman Shade

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