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School, Church Drapery


Stage Curtains Stage
 SC 1         Riverside Church New York City N.Y.  Stage Drapery 

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Specializes in Motorization 
Never manually open draperies again. Never
have cords hanging that could injure student
Instead. Avoid unauthorized persons from
opening and closing drapery. Add automation
 technology to open curtains, blinds or shades
with the push of a button on a hand held or
wall mounted remote control or computer
operated Motorized drapery tracks.
Motorization is the solution for hard or impossible to
reach areas, such as the school gym in the photo on the
right.The curtains are almost 10 feet tall and the tracks
are about 27 feet off the ground. The width of each window
opening is almost 22 feet. The drapery on the  3 windows
can be opened simultaneously or independently with a
remote control switch located in the custodians office.
The same remote also controls the stage drapery witch
is not shown in this photo

Motorized Gym Drapery
SC 5                    Martin De Pores School , Springfield Gardens NY

Sanctuary Window Treatments
SC 3  Love Gospel Bronx NY
School Auditorium
SC  6              Mount Pisgah Baptist Church
School Office
  SC  7                                 Hostess Collage Bronx NY
Church Stage
SC   8           Christian Assembly & Academy Yonkers NY
Church Stage
SC   9                Christian Church of Canarsy  Brooklyn NY
Church Windows
SC 10                   Broadway Presbyterian Church N.Y.C
Church Arches
SC 11     Riverside Church NYC
Church Carpet
 SC 12      Christian Cultural Center  Brooklyn NY

Sanctuary Window
SC 4                        Love Gospel Bronx NY

Austrian Shades
SC  2              Mount Pisgah Baptist Church

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