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Swags and Jabots
In all different arrangements, have long occupied the
center stage of curtain making. Traditionally associated
with heavily draped, large scale windows, they have
recently translated themselves into a multitude of less
formal variations.Swags soften a room’s décor with
elegance and formality. They are usually paired with and
 combined with jabots, which hang between different sections
of swags. Swags can be used alone, over blinds or shades,
or as the finishing touch to a custom drapery.
Closed Top Swags and Jabots
Closed Top Festoons and Jabots Richly Pleated Swags and Jabots
create drama and glamour for a timeless look. Modular widths and
adjustable heights create a variety of effects from a simple straight raise
to multiple scallops. Swags, Corner Swags and Jabots can be used
individually or as a unit with ease of installation in end to end or overlapping configurations.

Swags are the semicircles that swoop and overlap across
the face of the window.

Jabots are the pieces placed in between the swags to
hide seams. Jabots can be shaped like a tie cone,
cylinder, or mini-cascade
Closed Top Festoons and Jabots Closed Top Festoons and Jabots with Center Jabots

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