Swags Draped On Poles

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Open neck Swags 3 Swags  and a pair of Jabots
Made from a Cotton print fabric
Draped Over a Decorative
1 1/2" metal  pole with Finials.
3 Natural Woven wood shades
Installed side by side,
on one head rail, but
operating  separately,

Enhanced with a 1 1/2" trimming, 
made from the swag fabric ,
 which outlines each shade
as well as accents the bottom
of the shade valance,
which is made as one,
covering the top all 
3 shades.
pole swags   5 Swags  and a pair of Side panels, eliminating the Jabots
Made from a Faux Silk fabric
Draped Over a Decorative
1 1/2" wood  pole with Finials.

The Swags are actually not
draped over the pole, they are
each constructed as 
individually swags,
 Velcro sewn on either ends,
then is attached to each other
Giving the draped over

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